Focused training, informed by a formal study of rescue greyhounds

Behaviour advice from a greyhound specialist

Extensive, practical hands-on rescue experience

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I’m Kerry and I’m an anthrozoologist, pointy-face purist and positive dog trainer who is on a

mission to make life better for greyhounds.

I set up Life is for Learning in 2016 as a dog

training company and it became established as a Community Interest Company in 2018 so
that I could infuse my business with the ethics and social aims which drive my commitment
to this cause. This means that Life is for Learning is a not for profit, so any profits are
reinvested back into working collaboratively towards social change for greyhounds.
Life is for Learning CIC exists to promote healthy relationships between dogs and humans. I aim to achieve this through....

Advising the rescue centres who take in ex racing greyhounds

Supporting the adopters who foster and adopt these dogs and, of course.....

Working with the dogs who may find themselves undergoing this tricky