As an applied anthrozoologist, I conduct research that seeks to better understand how humans and other animals co-exist. The experiences of ex racing greyhounds as companions was my main topic of choice for much of my Masters research, which I completed in 2016.

I presented my dissertation research on greyhound street fundraising events in Wales at the ISAZ Conference in 2018.

My PhD is through the University of Exeter, where I am part of a group of researchers who value ‘symbiotic ethics’ in our research endeavors involving other animals. This means that we not only consider the human in any interaction, but we also bring in and value the perspectives of the non-human animals we study; treating them as equal subjects and participants rather than objects to be examined. My PhD research is entitled ‘Reimagining greyhounds’ and is an ethnography of greyhound lives in ‘Western’ contexts. You can read more about it here: